What do diamond clarity grades mean?
Natural diamonds are formed under the extreme heat and pressure from deep within the earth.  Due to this process of creation, diamonds will carry a unique set of birthmarks or freckles known in the jewelry industry as inclusions and blemishes.  Determining a diamond’s clarity is objectively grading the absence of these naturally occurring birthmarks.  
When should I bring my jewelry in for professional maintenance?
Similar to how you care for your vehicle, a visit to the dealership isn’t necessary when a car wash is all you need most of the time. A routine of simple cleaning at home from month to month will do a lot when it comes to the care of your everyday jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands. Jewelry doesn’t come with a Check Engine light, but in addition to an annual deep cleaning, here are some tips for when it's time to take your jewelry to a skilled professional
How to Clean Your Jewelry With Simple Household Products
Between annual maintenance visits to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and polished, this simple cleaning method with household products is all you need for monthly care of your jewelry.