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This 2.42ct oval shaped rose cut diamond is truly one of a kind; it contains within it a mesmerizing, and fully unique galaxy of color and natural characteristics. It has an absolutely unique earthy gray color. An excellent metaphor for a loving relationship, it is full of surprises and completely perfect in its imperfection!

The diamond is completely natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements. This rose cut diamond was carefully selected from a set of beautifully varied natural diamonds and is sure to create a truly one of a kind finished piece of jewelry that’s impossible to reproduce! The diamond is a beautiful gray hue and has very interesting dimensional inclusions with no black carbon. Rose cut diamonds are known for their big look and this stone is no exception with its huge spread for the weight! This exceptionally unique 2.42ct rose cut diamond offers a stunningly large look at an excellent value! At 9.5mm x 8.1mm, the diamond has excellent coverage! Unique and fully original, this diamond is an excellent choice for a meaningful piece of jewelry that will stand out from the crowd!

Artful, elegant, and unique, this beauty will show off your individual sense of style! This is an absolutely one of a kind diamond, so make it yours before it has sold - it cannot be replaced!

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