Gift Guide: Engagement Rings

Planning a holiday engagement? We'll help you find the perfect ring!

Staff Favorites

Old European Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


The old European cut center stone has a gorgeous cut and the solitaire is classic with beautiful engraved details.

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Accents


This ring was crafted over 100 years ago and has so much character and charm with its unique old mine cut diamond and French cut emerald accents!

Extra Long Vintage Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a stunning elongated vintage marquise cut that is a real head turner! It has a classic and simple setting with a punch of sparkle on its diamond encrusted gallery.

Art Deco Era Engraved Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


It's a "Yes" for me! The art deco details on this ring are just perfect, not to mention the gorgeous Old European cut diamond. It's a bold and unique ring that would make a perfect engagement ring.

Handmade Art Deco Style Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring


This lovely ring is a gorgeous display of hand craftsmanship with high quality natural diamonds and rubies. The center diamond is stunning and the rubies are a perfect red color that brings about the nostalgia of the holidays, making it perfect for a holiday engagement.

Art Deco Era Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring


It's original Art Deco and just gorgeous, gorgeous work! I'm such a sucker for those French cut sapphire accents.