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This vibrant and very high quality Old Transitional cut certified diamond has truly exceptional VVS2 clarity, beautiful white color, and displays magnificent brilliance. Even under 10x magnification, it is impossible to find any inclusions in this diamond! Bridging the gap between Old cuts and modern round brilliants, Old Transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time and are exceptionally rare. Cut during the late Art Deco to early mid century era, this diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! This white diamond is an excellent choice for an engagement or right hand ring that is both very high quality and meaningfully historied! The diamond is certified by EGL-USA and appraised by UGS with a substantial retail replacement value of $17,185! Exceptionally clean, the diamond received a clarity grade of VVS2. The diamond is completely loupe clean; it is impossible to find any inclusions under 10x magnification. A tabletop microscope is needed to see the tiniest possible inclusion as this stone is near flawless! Graded H for color, it faces up beautifully white and shows absolutely no yellow. As an Old Transitional cut, it has old style facets and intricate sparkle similar to an old European cut but with a smaller culet. It absolutely retains the unique charm of a hand cut stone but cut closer to modern ideal proportions of 60 depth and 58 table, which is the ideal combination for maximum light performance! Measuring approximately 7mm in diameter, the diamond has a great spread, and a larger look than the average 1.31ct old cut. Excellent in quality, stunning in look, and imbued with meaningful history, this diamond is sure to become an heirloom, bringing joy to your family for generations to come! The diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. Please browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Charmingly vintage, dazzlingly brilliant, and top quality, it is an elegant choice for an engagement or right hand ring. Make it your before it has sold!
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