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Featured here is a wonderfully rare, bright white vintage pear shaped diamond that weighs 1.31ct! This unique old world diamond has been certified G, SI1 by EGL-USA. It has also been appraised by UGS with a retail replacement value of $12,535.00! Cut during the 1800s, the diamond features broad faceting, tall crown and visible open culet. It is truly a one of a kind Victorian diamond that cannot be missed. Old cut pear shapes are super rare and this is an amazing opportunity to buy a very special one. The cutting shows like it was almost an old style oval. Its truly quite magical and it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The diamond has been graded G in color which means it shows no yellow and it is one of the most desirable grades as it priced significantly below D but still very white! This is extremely rare for old cut diamonds which tend to show a hint of warmth. It is a great SI1 diamond and we are certain it would receive the same SI1 clarity grade from GIA which is known for their strict standards in grading. This is one of the best Si1's that one can ask for! Overall, this is quite a charming stone and is incredibly special! With a grade of G, SI1 it is considered a premium as you are getting the look of a perfectly white and clean diamond for an excellent value! The diamond is being sold loose although it can be mounted in one of our settings upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in custom design or to mount into a classic setting! It will make a magnificent centerpiece for those who appreciate the elegance of old world treasures. Make this 1.31ct vintage pear shaped diamond with EGL-USA certification yours before it has sold! This is a once in a lifetime stone and it cannot be replaced! We also have a similar stone in stock which is a 1.36ct F Si2 and also an antique pear shape. Please enquire for details.
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