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This antique Old European cut certified I VS2 diamond offers dazzling brilliance and vivid fire. Cut by hand during the early 1900s, this 1.41ct rare diamond is completely unique, guaranteed to be 100% conflict free, and full of old world charm. Also, at 62% depth, this within the range of ideal cut diamonds and also results in an above average diameter at 7.14mm. Already imbued with a century’s worth of life, this diamond is ready for a new chapter in its journey, bringing its illustrious past as well as its dazzling beauty to an engagement or right hand ring. Appraised by UGS with a retail replacement value of $14,440, this diamond is certified by EGL-USA. At 1.41ct, it comes at a significant discount compared to a 1.5ct for a comparable appearance. 100% eye clean, it received a clarity grade of VS2. Even with the aid of a 10x magnified jewelers loupe, it is difficult to find any inclusions! Graded I for color, it appears nicely white when viewed facing up. It is typical for diamonds from this time period to show a little warmth, but in this diamond any hint of color is overwhelmed by the bright white reflections from the faceting. As an Old European cut diamond, it has wide, hand cut facets which return exceptionally big and bright sparkle as well as captivating flashes of colorful fire (rainbow refractions). It is 100% natural and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. You can browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Charmingly antique and rare as well as stunningly beautiful, this diamond is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring. Once it is sold, we certainly will not be able to replace it.
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