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This dazzling and very high quality Old Transitional cut GIA certified diamond has outstanding VVS2 clarity, lively sparkle, and vivid fire. Without the aid of a tabletop microscope, it is impossible to find any inclusions in this quite substantial 1.50ct beauty! Bridging the gap between Old cuts and modern round brilliants, Old Transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time and are exceptionally rare. Cut entirely by hand, this diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! You will absolutely fall in love with this diamond’s dazzling brilliance, vividly colorful fire, and striking size. Truly exceptional in quality, this beauty is an excellent choice for an eye-catching and impressive engagement or right hand ring! The diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premier gemological authority. Under GIA’s strict standards, the diamond received a clarity grade of VVS2. Even with the aid of a 10x magnified jewelers loupe it is impossible to find any inclusions in this diamond! The diamond received a color grade of K, and it faces up nicely white. GIA grading is very strict and even on K color, the diamond appears white! The bright white reflections in its sparkle completely overwhelm any hint of color. As an Old Transitional cut, the diamond has old style facets and bold sparkle similar to an old European cut but with a smaller culet. It absolutely retains the unique charm of a hand cut stone. This diamond is the best of both worlds with old style faceting but exceptional light performance. Overall, it is dazzling and excellent quality stone with eye catching size and fiery sparkle! This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This striking and very high quality beauty deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs! With its vintage charm, bright sparkle, and colorful fire, it would make a striking engagement or right hand ring. Make it yours before it’s gone!
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