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    Please note: Not all engraving phrases will fit to any particular ring. Depending on the design and exact amount of characters, if your phrase will not fit the ring you selected, a customer service representative will reach out to you via email within 1 business day.
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Featuring an eye catching and brilliant 1.61ct natural diamond, this classic solitaire ring boasts glamorously bright sparkle! Mounted in a sleek and luxuriously substantial 14k white gold setting, the sizeable diamond is 100% natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements. Very well cut, it sparkles beautifully and with its impressive size, it is sure to turn heads! This is an excellent opportunity to own a substantial natural diamond at a considerable value! The diamond is graded H for color and shows no yellow facing up. It is graded I2 for clarity; however the inclusions are small and well distributed so they do not affect the diamond’s brilliance. Furthermore, because the diamond is very well cut, it sparkles very brightly, helping tremendously to disguise the inclusions. This is an excellent value proposition for a large, a natural diamond at this irreplaceable price. Once it’s on your finger, you will certainly appreciate its impressive size, bright sparkle, and pretty fire. The 14k white gold setting is adorned with simply elegant petal cutouts, offering a sweetly feminine touch to this classic design. This beauty truly is stunning, and it is offered at an outstanding value. We cannot replicate this ring again for this price. The ring measures 7.2mm across (north south) and 6.9mm from finger to top. This classic beauty offers gorgeous size and eye catching sparkle! Whether you are buying for yourself or a special someone, it is sure to impress!
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