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This timeless diamond solitaire ring boasts a head-turning 1.80ct natural diamond! This diamond is offered at a great value for its size, and offers pretty fire and eye-catching sparkle. The diamond is mounted in a simply elegant prong setting that will remain forever in style. The ring is made from solid 14k gold and has a black rhodium finish, giving the stunning diamond a perfectly complementary dark background. The black rhodium and pointed prongs offer a subtle nod to gothic design, creating a unique twist on this classic setting to this large sized natural diamond. The diamond is 100% natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This just under 2 carat diamond is graded H-I for color, it shows no yellow facing up. It is graded I2 for clarity, however the diamond has full brilliance and is extremely lively. The inclusions are small piques (little crystals), and are spread evenly throughout the diamond so they are less noticeable. The tiny inclusions do not interfere with the reflection of light, so they have no effect on the diamonds’ brilliance. The diamond does show a touch of gray; however, it sparkles brilliantly, and the gray blends nicely with the black rhodium setting, greatly mitigating its effect. This is a wonderful opportunity to own an impressively large 1.80ct natural diamond for an unbeatable price! The ring measures 9.1mm across (north south) and 6.6mm from finger to top. Impressive in size and timeless in design, this beauty is a real stunner. It’s an excellent choice for an engagement or right hand ring.
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