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Featured here is a very special and rare bracelet with 11.5ct of natural Indicolite tourmaline and natural diamonds! This type of color is quite rare and it is a very special stone. This is one of the most rare colors of tourmaline and one of the most desirable. It is borderline to Paraiba which would make this bracelet cost well over $20,000! The color is bluish green hue that is natural and very elegant. This beautiful tennis bracelet has a classic look, with a pop of color that will make a wonderful gift or addition to your collection. Approximately 11.5 carats divided over 7 stones is quite impressive as each stone has a fantastic size! The tourmalines are emerald cut and are all VS clarity, with no visible inclusions. It’s a lovely array of stones that must be seen in person to fully appreciate the unique color of the tourmalines. The vintage diamonds in the bracelet are all bright white and even better than eye clean as inclusions are difficult to find even under 10x magnification! The G-H VS diamonds together with these indicolite tourmalines is very special as this one of a kind retro piece dates back to the mid century. Overall, this is a high quality bracelet with a gorgeous look. The bracelet is made from solid 18 karat white gold which is the perfect complement to the blue-green tourmalines and white diamonds. The bracelet measures 5.3mm across (north-south), 5mm from the back of the piece to the front and 6.75 inches in length. Between the high quality color, white clean diamonds and 18k gold, this piece was made with luxury in mind. No expense was spared by the original maker. Don't miss your chance to claim this retro diamond and green tourmaline bracelet yours before it has sold! It is entirely one of a kind.
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