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A gorgeous and sophisticated combination of vintage and modern, this stunning diamond ring features a dazzlingly brilliant and completely eye clean 1.02ct fancy champagne diamond surrounded by a contrasting halo of bright white diamonds. The center diamond’s excellent cut displays absolutely phenomenal sparkle and a bright and lively play of light! The diamond has a rich golden hue that is perfectly complemented by the blush warmth of the 14k rose gold setting. Embellished with fine milgrain, the scalloped halo adds a charming touch of vintage flair. The effect is an air of modern glamour combined with romantic, old world charm. This vintage inspired beauty is an excellent choice for an eye-catching right hand ring or a unique twist on a classic engagement ring! The substantial 1.02ct center diamond is graded C6 for color and has a rich and well saturated golden hue reminiscent of cognac. Graded SI1-SI2 for clarity, the diamond is 100% eye clean. The few inclusions are thin and transparent; they blend completely into the rich color and dazzling sparkle, completely invisible to the naked eye. The accent diamonds are brilliantly white, graded G-H for color. The contrast strikingly with the rich warmth of the center diamond and the 14k rose gold setting. Graded VS2-SI2, the accent diamonds are eye clean and vibrant. The are also very well cut, and they sparkle very brightly. Overall, this ring displays truly spectacular, eye catching brilliance! The diamonds are all 100% natural earth mined and have not received any treatments or enhancements. The ring measures 9.3mm across (north south) and 5.1mm from finger to top. Rich in color with an timeless, old world inspired design, this striking ring is glamorous yet refined! It would make a elegant engagement or right hand ring that will never go out of style!
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