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This absolutely stunning vintage ring dazzles with a high quality and strikingly large 1.76ct old European cut diamond center set in a refined and timelessly classic setting! The center diamond is excellent in quality, beautifully white and exceptionally clean with VS1 for clarity. Cut entirely by hand a lifetime in the past, this vibrant diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! Striking with bold sparkle and vivid fire, this diamond has a truly phenomenal presence! The center diamond is flanked by two high quality tapered baguette cut diamonds set in a sleek and stately platinum setting. The high quality baguettes are long and slim, accentuating the size of the center diamond and giving the shoulders of the ring an elegant, slender, and flattering look. The effect is dazzlingly beautiful with a sophisticated air of Old Hollywood glamour! Rare, beautiful, and gorgeously unique, this vintage ring is an excellent choice for a high quality and truly impressive engagement or right hand ring! Graded VS1 for clarity, even under 10x magnification it is difficult to find any inclusions in the center diamond. Graded J-K for color, it faces up nicely white. On the face up, any subtle hint of color is completely overwhelmed by the bright white reflections in the dazzling sparkle. Cut by hand a lifetime in the past with charming, wide facets, this striking diamond is utterly unique and is imbued with depth, history, and longevity. Overall, the diamond has a magnificent presence with bold sparkle and gorgeous, vividly colorful fire! The accent diamonds are beautifully white and completely eye clean, graded G-H for color and VS1 for clarity. They are very well sized and compliment the center perfectly. The baguettes are individually quite substantial, and their long tapered baguette cuts add a sophisticated touch to the ring. The ring is crafted in solid platinum. The ring measures 7.7mm across (north south) and 7.7mm from finger to top. Overall, this beauty has a luxurious and striking look! With its head-turning sparkle and charming, high quality, vintage diamond, this beauty will make an engagement or right hand ring that you will be excited to show off! Unique and devastatingly gorgeous, this vintage ring is sure to become an heirloom, bringing joy to your family for generations to come!
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