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Featured here is a rare 1.93ct Old European cut diamond that is a truly one of a kind old world heirloom! Its generous size, color and clarity makes for an overall very alluring stone that is full of vintage character and charm! The diamond has been certified by EGL-USA and it has also been appraised by UGS with a conservative retail replacement value of $13,375! We feel the retail replacement is much more for this rare diamond as the lab put too large of a discount considering it is just under 2 carats. Visibly it looks equivalent to a 2 carat old European cut but priced comparatively at a discount. This is a unique antique diamond that was cut during the early 1900s. It features beautiful broad faceting and visible open culet. This is an ideal Old Euro as it features all of the characteristics of this unique cut and it has a fantastic size! It is sure to impress any old cut diamond aficionado. It faces-up with beautiful white sparkle and looks whiter than the M color grade implies. The photos here do not justice and a video can be created upon request. The face up color and it will look great in a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold non rhodium piece of jewelry! It will show minimal color in any of those metal options. Diamonds are graded on their sides in a pure white color tray where the color of the stone is more apparent. When viewed facing up, through the table, the stone appears mostly white with just a slight hint of warmth. It has a gorgeous face-up which will look more white when worn on the hand, next to skin tone. In addition to its beautiful face-up, the diamond is even better than eye clean as inclusions are very difficult to find even under 10x magnification! VS1 clarity is quite superb. Overall it is a high quality, one of a kind diamond with a great size! The diamond is not too deep like some old Euros and still has a great spread. The diamond is being sold loose although we would love to mount this for you into a perfect setting. Please contact us for our inventory of semi-mounts or if you are interested in custom design! Make this antique 1.93ct Old European cut diamond with EGL-USA certification yours before it has sold! This is a one of a kind heirloom stone that cannot be replaced!
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