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A spectacular find, this antique bracelet is utterly unique and magnificently glamorous! It features an extremely rare collection of 32 perfectly graduated Old Mine cut diamonds. Totaling an awe-inspiring 25 carats, these diamonds have a breathtaking presence! Smoothly increasing in size from 3.8mm to an impressive 7.1mm, the diamonds display remarkable, mesmerizing sparkle. Hand cut more than a century ago, they are each one completely unique, guaranteed to be 100% conflict free, and full of antique charm! Imbued with over a hundred years of life and longevity, this bracelet is not only majestic and breathtakingly beautiful but also historied and exceptionally rare. This incredibly special bracelet is sure to become an heirloom, bringing joy to your family for generations to come!The two largest diamonds total approximately 2.90 carats, making each one nearly a carat and a half! Graded H SI1 and I VS2, they are both completely eye clean and face up white. These high quality diamonds are engagement ring quality! The remaining diamonds have clarity grades of VS1-SI3, and the vast majority are completely eye clean. The few diamonds with any minor inclusions tend to be on the smaller side, and the majority of the inclusions are white in color, blending well into the diamonds. Overall, the inclusions are not visible as the bracelet is worn; all you will see is these diamonds’ dazzling sparkle! The diamonds range in color from F-K; however, the diamonds blend very nicely as a set, the majority facing up white. The bright white reflections in their dazzling sparkle help to minimize the impact of the color. Furthermore, it is typical for diamonds from this time period to show some warmth, so the few diamonds that do show a touch of color only add to the antique charm of this remarkable piece. The diamonds’ hand cut wide facets deliver big, bold sparkle as well as vivid fire (rainbow refractions). The diamonds are securely bezel set in elegant and substantial platinum settings. The bracelet is appraised by a GIA graduate gemologist with a retail replacement value of $75,000! It is offered here at a considerable value, and, between the 25 carats of rare antique diamonds and the substantial platinum settings, it is an excellent long term investment. The bracelet measures 7.6mm across (north south) at its widest point and 6.3mm from the bottom of the setting to the top of the diamonds. It is 7.5 inches long. The clasp is very secure, featuring a two part locking mechanism. The bracelet can also be converted into a necklace upon request. We cannot stress enough how special this bracelet is! It is incredibly rare to find a set of Old Mine cuts, such as this, and their impact is positively jaw-dropping! Still photography cannot fully capture their brilliance and their fire. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, this bracelet is guaranteed to wow and delight! Once it is sold we will not be able to replace it.
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