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This gorgeous 3.19ct pair of round brilliant cut natural diamonds is impressive in size, bright white, eye clean, and dazzlingly brilliant! This is a high quality pair offered at an excellent value! Both very well cut, the sparkle in this pair is absolutely phenomenal, perfect for studs! Measuring approximately 7.5mm in diameter, they have excellent spreads and a larger look relative to their weight. Beautifully white, they are graded G-H for color. They are bright and crisp, with no warmth on the face up. They are graded SI3 for clarity, and they are eye clean. These were individually selected to be ideal for stud earrings as the inclusions are very well hidden. The majority of the inclusions are thin and white. The additional inclusions are small crystal piques (tiny dots), which do not affect the reflection of light and allow the diamonds to retain their brilliance. The inclusions all blend nicely into the sparkle and facets allowing you to see maximum sparkle. Additionally, because the diamonds are particularly well cut, they sparkle with exceptional brilliance, minimizing the inclusions. In the ears, the diamonds are completely eye clean. Overall, the diamonds have a very bright and lively appearance, and with their eye catching size, they would make gorgeous studs! They are 100% natural earth mined diamonds and have not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This pair has an excellent combination of color, clarity, and cut, as they offer bright white color, an eye clean appearance, and a strikingly large look at an excellent value! Still photography cannot capture these diamonds’ life and vibrant sparkle; the photos do not do them justice. The diamonds are perfect for stud earrings since they have exceptional brilliance, inconspicuous inclusions that cannot be seen when worn, fantastic size and are 100% natural. The diamonds are being sold loose, but they can be mounted upon request into any style of mountings in any metal. These breathtaking 7.5mm beauties offer captivating sparkle and stunning brilliance! They would make a truly impressive pair of studs. Make them yours before they’re gone!
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