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This elegant and timelessly fashionable diamond tennis necklace showcases 5.73 carats of beautifully white and eye clean natural diamonds. Set in richly contrasting 14k yellow gold, the 191 diamonds move beautifully and sparkle vibrantly. Measuring 24.5 inches in length and weighing 29 grams, this necklace is luxurious in both look and feel. The best of both worlds, this diamond necklace elegant enough for special occasions but durable and simple enough for everyday wear. It can be worn as both a men's or ladies necklace (can be shortened upon request). The diamonds are graded G-H for color and face up bright white. They contrast gorgeously with the yellow gold. Graded SI for clarity, the inclusions are very small and diamonds are all completely eye clean. This is perfect necklace quality as they are white, sparkling diamonds that look great while worn, but at a price that is very affordable. The diamonds are all earth mined, 100% natural, and have not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. The settings are solid 14k yellow gold. The clasp is set with diamonds so that it blends in beautifully with the necklace. It is very secure, featuring a double locking mechanism. Between the nearly 6 carats of diamonds and the substantial 14k gold settings, this necklace is an excellent long term investment, and it is offered here at a remarkable value! The necklace is 24.5 inches long and measures 4.1mm in width. We have listed separately a Hamsa hand pendant that pairs nicely with this necklace. Please contact us about availability if you are interested in purchasing the set. With its brilliant sparkle, satisfying weight, and classic, refined look, this diamond necklace would make an excellent anniversary gift, or a luxurious treat for yourself!
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