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Featured here is a one of a kind, show stopping ring with a 5.32ct fancy intense pink diamond that has been certified by GIA! The color of this diamond is truly something special and a rare sight to see, especially in this very generous 5ct+ size measuring 18mm x 9mm! It has been graded fancy intense pink by GIA and the color saturation is incredible! As its GIA certification shows, there are no additional color modifiers like brown or orange. A pure pink color is the most desirable and extremely rare! It is also even better than eye clean with VS1 clarity as inclusions are nearly impossible to find even under 10x magnification! Its size, measuring just under 18mm long, clarity and color make this a true investment grade diamond! It has a unique shape which shares characteristics of both a marquise and an oval. As noted in the GIA Certificate, this natural, earth-mined diamond has been permanently irradiated to bring out this wonderful color. Even though the diamond has been color treated, this particular hue and level of saturation is exceptionally rare! This color is extremely hard to find, even in treated colors! To clarity, the diamond is an earth-mined diamond that had been treated to bring out this rare color. The treatment simulates earth's conditions of temperature and pressure (also known as HPHT) and this particular stone hit the diamond lottery to receive this color. If this diamond came from the Earth with this color, it would cost between 3 to 5 million of dollars! There are almost no stones in existence like this! Complementing this very special center stone are two additional marquise cut diamonds with a combined weight of 1.40ct. The side stones are high quality and graded H, VS1. They show no color and they are also even better than eye clean! They are a wonderful accent to the rare pink diamond center. The ring is made from solid 18 karat white gold while the center stone is set in a 18 karat rose gold cup to accentuate its color. Make this very rare 5.32ct fancy intense pink diamond ring yours before it has sold! This is truly a one of a kind piece that cannot be replaced!
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