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This stunning antique Old European cut certified diamond is bright white, 100% eye clean, and dazzlingly brilliant. Cut by hand during the early 1900s, this 0.87ct diamond is completely unique, guaranteed to be 100% conflict free, and full of old world charm. At 6.2mm in diameter, the diamond has a great spread and a larger look than the average 0.87ct old cut! It looks very comparable to a 1 carat old European cut! Graded G for color, the diamond is brilliantly white, a rare example of a bright white Old European cut. Historied and full of life, this diamond will make an engagement or right hand ring that is not only dazzlingly beautiful but also imbued with depth and longevity. Certified by EGL-USA, the diamond was very strictly graded G for color. Brilliantly white and colorless, it will stand out brightly against any background. We had expected a color grade of F on this diamond, but EGL was unusually strict in their grading. It is very possible that if it was sent for a recheck it would receive a better color grade. However, we have priced the diamond according to EGL’s grade, making it a considerable value for a bright white diamond! Old European cuts tend to have a bit of warmth, so it is uncommon to find one this bright white! Graded SI2 for clarity, the diamond is 100% eye clean! The inclusions are small, thin and white. They blend perfectly into the diamond’s bright and lively sparkle and are completely invisible to the naked eye. The diamond’s hand cut facets are charmingly wide, creating big and bright sparkle as well as captivating flashes of colorful fire (rainbow refractions). The stone is 0.87ct and with it’s large spread, it looks just slightly under 1 carat size. However, it is priced significantly below a 1ct as diamond prices jump at 0.9ct and 1.0ct. This makes this 0.87ct bright white and 100% eye clean diamond a fantastic value! This same quality at 1 carat would cost significantly more! The diamond is 100% natural and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. Please browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Full of old world charm, bright white, 100% eye clean, and dazzlingly brilliant, this diamond is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring. Make it yours before it has sold!
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