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This elegant vintage diamond and ruby pin/pendant is absolutely outstanding in quality and eye catching with captivating sparkle and vivid color! Totaling a substantial 1.46ct, the very high quality diamonds are colorless, and nearly flawless, graded E-F for color and VVS-VS for clarity. Exceptionally well cut, the diamonds display remarkable vibrancy and create a truly eye catching display! The natural rubies are a brightly saturated rich red color that stands out beautifully next to the bright white sparkle of the diamonds. They are custom cut to perfectly fit the chic setting and the entire piece is extremely fine; quite a rarity in the estate buying that we do. This piece is original vintage and is believed to be made in the Mid century era, during the Art Deco revival period. Expertly hand crafted in 18k yellow gold and platinum, the pin’s sleek geometric design perfectly evokes the sophisticated style and glamour of the Art Deco era which has been popular in various periods of time throughout history including today! Truly exceptional in quality and timelessly fashionable, this bar pendant/pin is sure to become a treasured heirloom, bringing joy to your family for generations to come! Graded E-F for color, the diamonds are very bright white and colorless. Just a couple very subtle shades away from perfect D color, they stand out stunningly against the rich red of the rubies and the warmth of the yellow gold. Graded VVS-VS for clarity, they are exceptionally clean! Even under 10x magnification, it is extremely difficult to impossible to find inclusions in these diamonds! Excellently cut, they have a dazzling sparkle and a mesmerizing play of light! The rubies are a brightly saturated and incredibly vibrant rich red hue. They transmit light beautifully and are gorgeously luminous. The diamonds and rubies are all completely natural and earth mined. The setting is crafted in solid 18k yellow gold with a platinum accent for the diamonds’ setting. The warmth of the 18k yellow gold setting is a perfect complement for the brightness of the diamonds and the red of the rubies. Overall, the quality and design of this pin is utterly outstanding, one of the best in the shop right now! The pin measures 56.1mm (2.2 inches) in length and 6.5mm in width. Currently, there is a pin on the back of the bar, but we can convert it so that it can be worn either vertically or horizontally as a pendant. Please contact us if you would like us to convert it for you. Elegant, luxurious, and very high quality this bar pin/pendant is eye-catching yet refined! Glamorous enough for a special occasion but simple enough for daily wear, this diamond and ruby pin would make a stunning gift or treat for yourself!
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