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A rare and stunning find, this artfully crafted antique necklace is elegantly designed with rich red rubies and 1.25 carats of vibrant diamonds! Crafted by hand during the Victorian era, the pendant exquisitely showcases a substantial 3 carat vibrant red ruby (synthetic) surrounded by a sparkling ring of old mine cut natural diamonds. In an antique lariat style, two drops hang gracefully below the stunning ruby and diamond cluster. Punctuated by diamonds and rubies and staggered in length, the drops add an air of romance and sophistication to this unique necklace! The 18k yellow gold bezel settings are meticulously handcrafted with elegant cutout accents. Gathering life for more than a century, this utterly unique necklace is a rare and beautiful connection to the past. These pieces were quite rare back at that time even as only the elite could own a piece like this. The diamonds are graded VS2-SI2 for clarity. They are all completely eye clean. Any inclusions are too small to see with the naked eye. Graded J-L for color, they show just a very subtle hint of warmth. The color blends nicely with the yellow gold settings, and they contrast brightly with the rich red of the rubies. Hand cut over a century in the past, the diamonds are each completely unique and have wide facets that deliver dazzling sparkle. The rubies are a well saturated, even, and vibrant red. The rubies are synthetic, as was typical for the time period. Importantly, they are original to the necklace and cut by hand. The necklace is 19.5 inches long. The drop hangs an additional 4.25 inches. The diamonds and ruby cluster measures 20.2mm top to bottom (north south) and 17.0mm across (east west). Gracefully designed, richly detailed, and stunningly beautiful this antique necklace is steeped in history and full of old world charm! Show off your unique style! Once it's sold we certainly will not be able to replace it.
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