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This 0.62ct Transitional cut GIA certified diamond is perfectly colorless, exceptionally clean, and dazzlingly brilliant. It is very high quality with an excellent combination of very high color and clarity, D VS2. Bridging the gap between Old cuts and modern round brilliants, Old Transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time and are exceptionally rare. Cut during the early mid-century, this diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! Very well cut, it displays magnificent sparkle and at 5.6mm in diameter, it has a great spread, appearing closer to 3/4ct diamond! Historied and full of life, this diamond will make an engagement or right hand ring that is not only excellent in quality and dazzlingly beautiful but also imbued with depth and longevity. Certified by GIA, the diamond received a clarity grade of VS2. Completely eye clean, even under 10x magnification it is difficult to find any inclusions! Completely colorless, under GIA’s rigorous standards, the diamond received a perfect D color grade. Diamonds do not come any whiter than this! The stone was hand cut in the mid century during a time when diamond cutters were experimenting with bigger tables and shorter crowns. As a result, the measurements appear similar to a modern round, hence GIA’s formula determined it as a round brilliant cut. However, these shortcomings in GIA’s formula do not reflect the fact that this is a truly old diamond with old style faceting and an open culet. For this reason, GIA graded the cut against round brilliant cut standards, and the diamond received a Good cut grade. However, the diamond has a truly outstanding play of light with phenomenal brilliance and fire, much better than GIA’s grade implies. As an Old Transitional cut, it has intricate sparkle similar to a modern brilliant, but it retains a unique vintage charm with a small open culet. The transitional cut diamond offers the best of both worlds, with the charm of a hand cut diamond and lively light performance similar to a modern round brilliant. The diamond is 100% natural and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. Please browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Charmingly vintage, dazzlingly brilliant, and radiantly white, it is an elegant choice for an engagement or right hand ring.
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