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An incredibly rare find, this demantoid garnet and diamond ring was handmade in France during the Art Nouveau era. Expertly crafted circa 1900, over a century in the past, this utterly unique antique ring has the original French hallmarks! Gorgeously designed with a diamond studded cross hatch motif, it features an extremely rare 0.90ct old mine cut demantoid garnet. Russian in origin and GIA certified, the completely natural demantoid garnet is an eye catching and highly saturated vivid green hue. It is flanked by two brilliant old mine cut diamonds, and the intricately crafted 18k yellow gold setting glitters with additional rose cut diamonds. Carrying with it all the romance of Art Nouveau France, it is imbued with history and longevity, a beautiful and enduring artifact of the past. With a broad band and satisfying heft, this historied and versatilely designed ring is an excellent choice for both a man or a woman. The 0.90ct center is a very rare and completely natural GIA certified demantoid garnet. It is a remarkable and vibrant apple green color which GIA classified as Yellowish Green. It is truly a beautiful and remarkably vivid green color! GIA determined the demantoid garnet to be transparent, and it appears completely clean to the naked eye. Russian in origin, it has horsetail inclusions (a characteristic common only in Russian demantoid), which can be seen with the aid of a 10x magnified jewelers loupe. Russia is the most sought after origin for demantoid garnet and is know to produce the highest quality and this one is no exception! Cut by hand, the demantoid is utterly unique with charmingly old world wide facets that display bold sparkle. The two old mine cut and numerous rose cut accent diamonds total 0.49ct. The accent diamonds are graded F-J for color and all face up nicely white. The two old mine diamonds appear brilliantly white and contrast stunningly with the green of the demantoid and the warmth of the yellow gold. The diamonds are graded I1-I3 for clarity. The inclusions in the old mine cut diamonds are all white and blend nicely into the sparkle. They are vibrant and clean to the naked eye. The clarity grade is partially due to external abrasions, products of the diamonds’ antique cuts and century long journey. They do sparkle beautifully, and they are all intact and antique, original to the ring. The setting is solid 18k yellow gold. It bears a makers mark as well as an eagle hallmark: the antique French designator for 18k. The ring has some minor signs of wear: the center demantoid has a small cavity near the girdle, however it is not a concern for long term wear as that cavity is very small and located between the prongs making it very difficult for something to reach it (prongs protect that area). The cavity is pretty tiny and very difficult to see with the naked eye. The stone can be polished upon request though once again, it can certainly be worn regularly without concern. Also, on the ring, three very small accent diamonds are missing from their settings. On account of the size of the diamonds and the design of the ring, the missing diamonds are not readily apparent. We opted to preserve the original look of the ring; however, the ring can be restored upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in having this ring restored. The ring measures 12.9mm across (north south) and 5.5mm from finger to top. Handmade with great care in turn of the century France, this ring has soaked in more than a century’s worth of life. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, this ring brings with it not only rare gems and elegant beauty but also meaning and longevity. Once it has sold, we certainly will not be able to replace it.
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