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Featured here is a sparkling vintage diamond that has been certified by GIA! This earth-mined stone is a 0.99ct Old European cut diamond that is full of old world charm. Its age can be seen in its cut with broad faceting, small table, tall crown and visible open culet. This was cut was cut sometime between 1920 and 1935 and it is so gorgeous and so unique. The GIA certificate states that the diamond is a round brilliant, but any old cut aficionado would recognize the vintage characteristics of this diamond. The diamond also has a great spread at 6.4mm making it larger in appearance than most old European cut diamonds that are 1ct size. Its a well cut stone with great brilliance, that looks much better than the photos imply. The diamond has a beautiful white face-up that shows minimal color on the face and it is much whiter than its color grade would imply. GIA is known for their strict standards in diamond grading and this diamond will appear even whiter once mounted and worn next to skin tone. As a solitaire, the stone would certainly appear white. The white sparkle really helps to make this diamond look colorless from the top. In addition to its beautiful face-up and sparkle, this diamond is 100% clean to the naked eye with no visible inclusions. As stated on the GIA cert, one of the clarity characteristics of this stone is a cavity, meaning it has an inclusion that comes to the surface of the stone. This has no effect of the longevity or wearability of the diamond. The cavity is located on the very edge of the stone and it can be easily covered with a prong, once set. It also has no fluorescence and an overall bright appearance. It has a Dossier GIA certificate and the diamond has been inscribed by GIA so you can be absolutely sure that the diamond that has been certified is the same diamond in this listing. The diamond is being sold loose although it can be mounted in one of our semi-mount rings or we can make a custom design upon request. Please contact us for our inventory of settings or let us know if you are interested in custom design! Make this gorgeous antique Old European cut diamond with GIA certification yours before it has been sold!
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