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Featured here is a one of a kind E, VS1 vintage diamond that has been certified by GIA! This is a unique old world stone with perfect E color and VS1 clarity and great spread at over 5.1mm! Vintage diamonds are known for having a slight hint of warmth but this diamond is just one shade away from a colorless D grade! It has no color or yellow at all as the diamond is colorless! GIA is known for their strict grading and this diamond would receive a perfect D color from any other lab. It is also even better than eye clean as inclusions are nearly impossible to find even under 10x magnification! This one of a kind diamond features broad faceting and a medium open culet indicating that it is a Transitional cut. The accompanying GIA certification states that the stone is round brilliant in shape although an old cut aficionado would recognize that this is a vintage Transitional cut diamond. GIA grades the shape of a stone based on numeric values rather than the look of the stone. Overall, this is an incredible diamond that was cut in the 1930's - 1940's and is a rare stone. It has a unique faceting pattern that makes it truly one of a kind. Overall, it is a lovely, high quality stone which ought to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The diamond is being sold loose although it can be mounted in one of our settings upon request. Please contact us for our inventory of settings or if you are interested in custom design! The diamond has been laser inscribed by GIA with the item report number so you can be absolutely sure that the diamond is the same diamond that has been certified. Make this sparkling 0.49ct Old Transitional cut diamond with GIA certification yours before it has been sold!
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