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This gorgeous 1.73ct Padparadscha sapphire has an absolutely gorgeous, highly saturated color and is certified by GIA as completely unheated! This stone was purchased as a padparadscha from a respected wholesaler, however the GIA did not designate this stone as a Pad on this particular day. If certified by a different laboratory, it would likely receive Padparadscha designation as it certainly has the orangish, pinkish color, as also determined by GIA. In any case, we have put a very good price on it and this will make an amazing value as a certified Pad is worth much much more especially an unheated variety. It was determined to have undergone absolutely no heat treatment, a rarity in sapphires. The majority of sapphires have been heated to enhance their color, but this one has not undergone any treatments or enhancements! The color is beautiful, reminiscent of a blushing sunset. Pink is the dominant color, and the sapphire sparkles in striking display of coral hues. The sapphire is eye clean with absolutely no visible inclusions. The sapphire is transparent, allowing it to have a lively and luminous play of light. The stone is very well cut and has no window-ing. There are many more facets than on an average stone which create great luster and life! The stone is quite a fireball and looks stunning in person! This beauty truly has a magnificent presence and would make a gorgeous center for an alternative engagement ring or cocktail ring. The sapphire is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This exceptional beauty deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs! A beautiful and rare stone, this unheated sapphire would make a gorgeous center for a ring or pendant!
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