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Featured here is a stunning and rare vintage pear shaped diamond with a fantastic size and sparkle! This large 2.22ct teardrop diamond is sure to impress as it measures 10.79mm by 8.08mm. It has a big look with a generous spread making it a fantastic value! Cut in the late Art Deco period of the 1930's this diamond boasts old world characteristics with broad faceting and a visible open culet. Old cut pear shapes are very rare and this is an amazing opportunity to own one that is large and eye clean! The diamond has been well cut which give the diamond fantastic brilliance and life. The depth may indicate the stone is too shallow but in this case, the way the angles interact, the diamond reflects amazing brilliance. It must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. A video can be created upon request. The diamond does not have any dead spots or dark areas. the stone is truly very lively. The stone is clean to the naked eye as the only inclusion is on the side. The stone should have received Si2 but the lab was particularly strict. The stone can be sent again and it certainly has a great chance for Si2 as diamond grading is pretty subjective. The only inclusion is on the very side and from the top of the stone, this inclusion is not visible. Its truly a top Si stone. Another factor that makes this diamond a true one of a kind is that it contains a rare orange inclusion inside the stone. Though quite small, it is still noteworthy because this is extremely rare to find in diamonds! When looking at the diamond from the back can the orange inclusion be seen. The diamond has been certified by EGL-USA and it also comes with a third party appraisal from UGS with a replacement value of $15,270.00! It has been graded J in color and shows just a slight hint of warmth through its sparkling face-up. Once the diamond has been set and worn next to skin tone, it will appear whiter. The diamond is being sold loose although it can be mounted upon request. Please contact us for our inventory of semi-mounts or let us know if you are interested in custom design! Make this once in a lifetime vintage pear shaped diamond yours before it has sold! We cannot replace this rare diamond!
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