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    Please note: Not all engraving phrases will fit to any particular ring. Depending on the design and exact amount of characters, if your phrase will not fit the ring you selected, a customer service representative will reach out to you via email within 1 business day.

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This stunning original vintage diamond ring has a glamorous big look full of dazzling, bright sparkle! Set at the center of an utterly unique diamond encrusted design, the center diamond is very bright white and completely eye clean. The lively center diamond is set in a curved and highly polished “miracle head” which gives the illusion of a larger diamond. The miracle head is very well executed; the curved metal around the outside of the diamond shines brightly, amplifying the diamond’s bold sparkle and making this dazzling beauty even more impactful! Artfully crafted during the mid-century during the Art Deco revival period, the ring’s shoulders have a chic buckle-like design that gives the ring a stylish and completely one of a kind look! Absolutely unique, this dazzling diamond ring is an excellent choice for an engagement or right hand ring that is sure to impress! Its quite a rare piece overall and completely one of a kind. The half carat round brilliant cut center diamond is brilliantly white, graded E for color. Just one very subtle shade away from perfect D color, it is colorless and stands out brightly against any background. Graded SI2 for clarity, it is 100% eye clean. An excellent SI2, the primary inclusion is white and located on the edge of the diamond rather than on the table. It blends perfectly into the sparkle, is completely invisible to the naked eye, and has absolutely no effect on the diamond’s brilliance. The diamond has a bright and lively appearance with stunning sparkle and fire! The accent diamonds are brilliantly white, graded F-G for color. Graded VS1-SI2 for clarity, they are all eye clean. The diamonds are all completely natural, earth-mined, without any treatments or enhancements of any kind. The solid 14k white gold setting perfectly complements the bright white sparkle of the diamonds. The ring measures 6.8mm across (north south) and 6.9mm from finger to top. With its glamorous sparkle and unique vintage design, this ring will have all eyes on you! Make it yours before it’s been snapped up!
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