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    Please note: Not all engraving phrases will fit to any particular ring. Depending on the design and exact amount of characters, if your phrase will not fit the ring you selected, a customer service representative will reach out to you via email within 1 business day.

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This striking vintage ring features a rich red stripe of rubies (synthetic) bordered by glittering, high quality, natural diamonds. The bright white and exceptionally clean G-H VS diamonds offer a bright contrast to the brilliantly saturated rubies. The side diamonds are fully faceted old European cuts and are completely natural, earth-mined diamonds. Most vintage rings use single cut diamonds as accents, so it is quite rare to find fully faceted old cuts in this size! The 14k white gold band is smoothly tapered and minimal in design, offering a sleek and polished backdrop for the glamorous sparkle! This gorgeous ring is stunning on its own or as part of a stack. Its charming sparkle and rich color is sure to impress and delight! The diamonds are all bright white with color grades of G-H. Graded VS for clarity, even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in these diamonds. The diamonds are all completely natural, earth-mined, without any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This is quite rare to find small old European cuts in this size! The solid 14k white gold band perfectly compliments the diamonds’ brilliant white sparkle. The rubies are brightly saturated and even in color. They are synthetic, as this was typical for the time period; however, importantly, they are original to the piece and hand cut. Some of the rubies show some minor surface wear, products of their vintage cuts and decades long journey, however they can polished or replaced upon request. We can replace with any other type of stone as well. We opted to keep the original stones because on the finger, the wear is not readily apparent, and it will not affect the wearability or longevity of the stones as this is just on the surface. There are no cracks or breaks. The ring measures 10.2mm across (north to south) and 3.0mm from finger to top. This gorgeous ring, glamorously encrusted with rich rubies and brilliant diamonds, is both luxurious and sleek! It is an excellent choice for a wedding band or cocktail ring!
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