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This classic solitaire engagement ring features a lively and substantial 1.07ct fancy champagne round brilliant cut diamond. This delightful diamond is exceptionally rare with a charming champagne color and excellent cutting. It's completely natural light sepia tone adds to the stone’s unique air of sophistication and is beautifully highlighted by vivid flashes of fire. The diamond stands out brightly against the rich warmth of the 14k yellow gold setting. High quality and utterly timeless, this beautiful ring is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement ring!

The diamond displays an effervescent fancy champagne color which is perfectly even and completely natural, without treatments. This unique blend of light beige champagne has a wonderfully soft tone!.The diamond is graded S-T for color and looks perfect in this yellow gold setting. The diamond shows a subtle warmth that blends perfectly with the yellow gold. The diamond is graded SI3, the inclusions blend quite nicely with the diamond’s color and bright sparkle, and overall the stone is generally eye clean. The diamond is 100% natural and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind Overall, the diamond has a gorgeous bright look with lively sparkle. The setting is solid 14k yellow gold.

This classic beauty offers eye-catching sparkle and a forever stylish design! With the setting’s timeless design and the diamond’s excellent brilliance and unique natural champagne color, this ring is perfect for an engagement ring. You are sure to fall in love with this beauty’s classic look and brilliance!

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