Lab Grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as Earth-mined diamonds. Both are durable and beautiful, with the same sparkling light performance. They only differ in the formation process!

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This striking ring features 1.19ct of vibrantly sparkling lab grown diamonds set in an elegantly simple modern band. Nine high quality and substantially sized lab grown diamonds cover the face of the ring in dazzling sparkle. Excellently cut, the diamonds display remarkable, vibrant sparkle! They have very impressive fire and brilliance. The 14k white gold band is sleek and minimal in design, offering a timeless and sophisticated backdrop for the glamorous sparkle! This gorgeous ring is stunning on its own or as part of a stack, a perfect choice for a wedding band. Its charming sparkle is sure to impress and delight!

Totaling 1.19ct, the lab grown diamonds are all individually substantial at 3.3mm, creating bold, eye catching sparkle for each diamond. The diamonds are all colorless and exceptionally clean, graded E-F VVS1-VS1. Excellently cut, the diamonds are full of life and have a gorgeous play of light. The diamonds are lab created, offering all the durability and brilliance of an earth mined diamond at an excellent value. The solid 14k white gold band perfectly compliments the diamonds’ brilliant white sparkle. The shank is satisfyingly substantial and has a luxurious feel. The ring measures 3.5mm across (north to south) and 2.7mm from finger to top.

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