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This eye-catching rose cut shield shape diamond offers wide flashes of brilliance, beautifully organic salt and pepper inclusions, and a hard to find geometric cut! This exceptionally unique 1.21ct rose cut diamond offers a stunningly large look at an excellent value! At 8.69mm x 6.25mm, the diamond has excellent coverage! The rose cut facets catch the light beautifully and the salt and pepper inclusions give it an absolutely unique look! The diamond is truly one of a kind, containing within it a mesmerizingly unique galaxy of natural characteristics. An excellent metaphor for a loving relationship, it is full of surprises and completely perfect in its imperfection!

This rose cut coffin shape diamond is evenly included and allows for a gorgeous play of transparency and a pretty salt and pepper look! This diamond was carefully selected for its fantastic size and harmonious natural characteristics. It is a completely natural earth mined diamond that has not received any treatments or enhancements. The diamond’s angular shape gives it a chic geometric look that lends itself well to modern designs as well as minimal Art Deco inspired looks. It is a rare cut and would make a unique and stylish center for an engagement or right hand ring! It would make a fantastic center for an alternative engagement ring, cocktail ring, or pendant!

This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. We are a full service manufacturing company, and we would love to create a finished jewelry piece for you. Make it yours before it’s snapped up!

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