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This beautiful 2.29ct emerald has a stunning appearance and excellent clarity! This emerald is naturally very clean and has received little to no oil (clarity enhancement) at all! This is extremely rare for an emerald to have no oil or minor oil as emeralds have the most inclusions of nearly any gemstone. This natural clarity has several benefits. First, it means that it is more stable and durable than the typical treated emerald as most emeralds have significant inclusions that have been obscured by an oil treatment. The second benefit is optically in that the material is very clean and beautiful. This emerald is naturally very transparent and clean with just a few thin white inclusions that blend beautifully with the color. There are no black spots in this emerald at all. Overall, it’s a very clean stone! The color is a gorgeous mint green. The emerald cut has an elegant, sophisticated air though it does show a bit of windowing. The emerald is believed to be Colombian in origin; Colombia is known to produce the highest quality emeralds, and it is the most prized origin for emeralds.

A truly special and stunning gem, this emerald would make a gorgeous center for an eye-catching ring or pendant! Please inquire about putting this fantastic emerald into a piece of jewelry. We specialize in manufacturing and have various ideas on how to dress up this heirloom Emerald. Make it yours before it’s snapped up!

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