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Timeless in design, this high quality ruby and diamond bracelet offers a rich pop of color and a classic, refined look! 1.25 carats of high quality diamonds are interspersed with 1.5 carats of rich red natural rubies for eye catching contrast and sparkle! The rubies have fantastic bright red color and display lively brilliance. These are high quality rubies with the highly sought after geographic origin of Myanmar (Burma)! Weighing 21.7 grams, the bracelet is satisfyingly substantial and has a luxurious feel on the wrist. The effect is effortlessly elegant with an air of class and grace. An excellent choice for an anniversary present, this bracelet is impressive and elegant enough for a special occasion, but simple enough for everyday wear.

The rubies total 1.5 carats, and they are rich in color with a brightly saturated red hue. The color is a gorgeous true red without any pink or purple overtones. The saturation is just right, neither too deep or too light. The rubies have a beautiful, lively play of light as well. The rubies’ geographic origin is known to be Burma (Myanmar). Burma rubies are the most prized rubies in the world by origin as that region is known to produce the highest quality material. Overall, these are truly top quality rubies! The diamonds total 1.25ct and add substantial sparkle. Graded F for color, the diamonds are very bright white and stand out beautifully. Graded VS for clarity, the diamonds are exceptionally clean. The diamonds and rubies are all natural earth mined. The settings are made of solid 14k yellow gold. Overall, this is a very high quality piece that is rich in intrinsic value! The bracelet is 6.75 inches long and measures 6.3mm across.

Elegant and timeless in design, this bracelet is impressive enough for a special occasion but simple enough for everyday wear. It is an excellent way to add a pop of color while maintaining a sophisticated and refined aesthetic!

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