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This beautiful 2.04ct imperial topaz has a masterfully executed long pear cut and a gorgeous peachy hue! The pear cut is well executed with stunning brilliance and eye catching length! At approximately 17.5mm in length, the topaz has an elegantly slender shape perfect for a drop pendant! The topaz’s orange hue is even and well saturated. The color calls to mind the orange blush of a sunrise. It is a truly beautiful color! Between its well executed cut and transparency, this beauty truly has an excellent play of light! The topaz is completely natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements. Many topazes are heated to enhance their color, but this one has completely natural color and has not been enhanced in any way. This topaz has a geographic origin of Brazil. Brazil is known to produce the finest quality imperial topaz. This topaz would make a gorgeous necklace, and we would love to share our ideas for custom design!

This imperial topaz is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This exceptional beauty deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to create a finished piece of jewelry for you! We specialize in custom design, so please inquire if you would like us to create a custom piece for you or see some design ideas. Make it yours before it’s snapped up!

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