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This chic Art Deco style ring features a lively and substantial 2.01ct diamond surrounded by a glamorous ring of rich red natural rubies. Certified by GIA with Very Good and Excellent grades in all finishing categories, the diamond has fantastic brilliance! In a classic target ring design, the diamond is encircled by a rich red border of rubies. The effect is an air of chic Art Deco sophistication! It is an excellent choice for an elegant and historied engagement or right hand ring!

The 2.01ct diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premier gemological authority. Under GIA’s strict standards, this diamond is graded J for color and truly does appear bright white! The diamond faces up beautifully white and shows no warmth and does not have any brown, green or milky shades. The diamond is exceptionally clean, receiving a grade of SI2 for clarity. The few inclusions are too small to see with the naked eye. This stone is particularly lively, and the bright sparkle helps tremendously to mask the inclusions. Overall, it has a bright and lively appearance which looks great on the hand!

The rubies are a rich, well-saturated red that contrasts strikingly with the diamonds. The rubies are cut and set with exceptional craftsmanship. Each ruby is individually cut by hand to fit in the channel with zero gaps. This is a highly skilled and labor intensive process that truly makes this setting a work of art! The accent diamonds are bright white and completely eye clean, graded G-H for color and SI for clarity. The diamonds and the rubies are all natural, earth mined stones. The 14k white gold setting is beautifully refined and elegantly accented with gracefully curling filigree on the undergallery.

This elegantly crafted vintage inspired ring perfectly captures the glamorous and sophisticated design of the iconic Art Deco era. It is perfect for an engagement or right hand ring!

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