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This stunning 0.79ctw matched pair of round brilliant cut natural diamonds are a vibrant white, eye clean when worn, and very well cut! They are 100% natural earth mined diamonds and have not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. Vibrantly white, they have a color grade of D-E, and they show absolutely no warmth. They are graded SI3-I1 for clarity, and worn as studs they appear eye clean. They are completely eye clean from about a 6 inch distance, and even under close scrutiny, it is difficult to pick out the inclusions with the naked eye. The inclusions are mainly well distributed small crystal piques (tiny dots) which allow light to reflect without interference, and have no effect on the diamonds’ brilliance. Because the piques are very small, they blend nicely into the sparkle and are hard to pick out with the naked eye even at close range. The few additional inclusions are white and thin, so they blend in perfectly. Additionally, the diamonds are particularly well cut which maximizes their radiant sparkle and minimizes inclusions. Between their exceptional cut, bright material, and unobtrusive inclusions, these diamonds offer bright, beautiful, and lively sparkle

The diamonds are set in classic 14k white gold prong settings with friction backs. With their exceptional cut, lively brilliance, and bright white color, they make a striking pair of earrings! Make them yours before they’re gone!

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