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Artfully designed and absolutely unique, this stunning ring features a bright chrome green tourmaline paired with an organic nature inspired setting. The tourmaline’s vivid green hue, known as chrome green, is quite rare and highly sought after, making this a very special piece! The tourmaline has a gorgeous play of life with excellent luster and brilliance. The ring’s shank is inspired by the graceful tangling of vines. Intertwining tendrils of ivy are intricately rendered in solid 14k yellow gold. A fully original piece, this ring was designed and crafted in our own Chicago shop. Elegant, chic, and fully original, this ring is an excellent choice for a right hand ring or alternative engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd!

The tourmaline is a vividly saturated green hue that looks stunning against the yellow gold. Very well cut, the tourmaline has fantastic brilliance and a gorgeous play of light! The setting is made of solid 14k yellow gold. The ring measures 5.8mm across (north south) and 6.3mm from finger to top. We also have a matching band available (sku 12377)

Artful, elegant, and unique, this beauty will show off your individual sense of style! It is an Ivy and Rose original design, so you will not find it elsewhere!

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