An engagement ring is a very special purchase which will be worn for the rest of someone's life. Why wear something mass made that everyone has seen or anyone can get. We have compiled 5 cool ideas for one of a kind rings that would truly unique.

1. Hand Made Item

There is nothing more special than a piece crafted and perfected by hand. The saying that they dont make them like they used to is due to this attention to detail. The major retailers manufacture in bulk, though the smaller artisan makers really exceed the quality as each piece of jewelry has their own name attached to it. Therefore, each detail will be perfected and each piece will be a little bit different from another.

These diamond and platinum rings feature handmade openwork and filigree.

2. Custom Cut Stones

Stones are cut by hand though who else can say that their stones were specifically cut for them! Going away from the assembly line, custom cut stones give a piece its personality and character. The skilled work to custom cut stones for many hours would indicate it is a quality piece and something that will not be found anywhere else.

Calibre cut sapphire and diamond rings

These diamond and sapphire rings are part of our calibre cut gemstone collection. They feature diamonds set off by custom cut sapphires. Shop our calibre cut collection.

3. Original Antique Piece

Antique rings are increasingly rare and they are exemplary of the peak of the jewelry manufacturing era. The early 1900's and particularly the roaring 20's was a period when diamonds were becoming mainstream and there were many artisans creating immaculate works of art through jewelry. To this day, some of the most amazing jewelry ever made was from that period. An irreplaceable antique ring is sure to wow anyone and would make the perfect engagement ring.

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This original Art Deco engagement ring features an old European cut diamond accented by floral filigree and triangular sapphires.

4. Custom Designed Ring

Originality can be defined in many different ways, so why not design the ring yourself. Your ideas would be personified into a personalized ring where you are in the driver's seat. You indicate every detail in a way that the ring would be as unique as you, because who really wants a replica?

Diamond ring featuring a bezel set Criss cut center and French cut sides

This custom ring features rare French cut diamonds and a Criss Cut diamond! Check out our custom design page for more information on the custom design process.

5. High End Gemstone Ring

Some of the most incredible pieces ever made are high end gemstone rings. For the same budget as a diamond, one can achieve pristine quality through a gemstone. Due to the demand of diamonds, gemstones have taken a back seat as the primary choice for engagement rings. For this reason, there can be incredible value found in gems with larger sizes. To take it one step further, a gem with a unique origin or famous mine is the apex of unique high quality stones. For example, a Muzo mined Colombian Emerald, a Burmese Ruby or a Kashmir Sapphire is the most desirable of the precious stones. This is so unique that it is a collectors dream, which makes for a stunning and significant engagement ring.

Sapphire ring with a double diamond halo

This sapphire and diamond ring offers rich color and a classic style.

June 13, 2022 — Mona Porter

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