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Shipping, Returns & Warranties

How long will it take for my order to ship out?

The handling time will depend on the type of item you have ordered.

Our ready made, vintage, and estate items generally ship within 2-5 business days*.

Our made to order items require 3-7 business days* handling time for 14k and 3 days additional if you have upgraded to platinum.

Build a ring orders require 7-12 business days* for 14k and 3 days additional if you have upgraded to platinum.

If you need your jewelry piece by a certain date, please contact us at We will do our best to work with your timeline, and will let you know if it is not possible.

*If your item doesn't need to be resized, it will ship after a quick check for quality control. These items ship within 2 days. However, most of our ring orders do involve resizing, which requires 5 business days handling time. Please allow additional handling time if you have selected added services such as engraving, or appraisal.

What shipping options do you offer?

We offer a variety of domestic and international shipping options. Please refer to our shipping policies for options and timelines. Please note that the listed shipping times are in addition to our handling time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world*. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. For more details, please refer to our shipping policy.

* Exceptions Apply. We reserve the right to refuse to ship to any area perceived to be a higher shipping risk.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns and we will give you a full refund* if the item is shipped back within 30 days of receipt. They buyer is responsible for the cost of returning shipping. Any courier is acceptable for return
shipping; signature confirmation is optional. To initiate a return,
email We will provide a packing slip and return instructions. You must include this packing slip in the return box in order to insure proper processing of your return.

*Some exclusions apply. Please refer to our return policy for full details.

Are your products covered by a warranty?

We've got you covered

All of our custom made and production jewelry that we have created is covered by our standard 2 year warranty, free of charge. We offer free coverage of any irregularities not related to normal wear and tear, as well as lifetime service for wear and tear at deep discounts.


Estate jewelry is not included in our warranty policy. Our custom cut gemstone collection and gemstone stacking bands are covered by a 3 month warranty. 

Shop Pay Installments

Are there late fees?

No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment.

What is the option to pay in installments on Shop Pay?

When checking out with Shop Pay, you now have the option to pay now or later. Paying in installments on Shop Pay allows you to split your purchase amount into flexible installment payments.* Your first payment is due when you make your purchase.

*Rates from 0% APR 10-30% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers

What if I make a return on a purchase made through Installments with Shop Pay?

If your refund amount is less than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect one or both of the following:

- A smaller payment balance on the final payment.

- Less future payments on the remaining loan balance.

If your refund amount is more than the amount remaining on your Shop Pay Installments balance, then you can expect to receive the difference as a refund to your original payment method within 3 to 10 business days.

If you paid for an order in monthly payments, then you won't be refunded the paid interest. Interest is the cost of borrowing, and isn't refundable.

Which payment methods are accepted if I use the option to pay Installments on Shop Pay?

The installments option on Shop Pay is available on debit and credit cards. Capital One cards aren't accepted. If you choose a monthly payment option, then you can only pay with a debit card.

Have more questions?

For questions about installment payments on Shop Pay, visit

For questions about Shop Pay or the Shop App, visit

General Product Questions and Placing an Order

Can I view your jewelry in person?

Our shop and showroom is located in Chicago, IL. If you are local, you can make an appointment to view an item. Please email to make an appointment. Some of our jewelry is made to order and may not be available for viewing.

We do have a 30 day return policy, so if you don't love a piece once you see it in person, you can always return it.

Are your diamonds certified?

Many, but not all, of our diamonds are certified. For certified diamonds, the certificate will be noted in the item details and included in the images.

I found a jewelry piece I like, but can you make a small change for me?

Many of our made to order pieces can be modified to fit your preferences. For example, we can modify the setting style or add diamonds to the shank. Please contact us at to discuss your modification options.

Can you help me design a custom piece?

Absolutely! Check out our custom design page for more information.

Build a Ring

How do I order?

Choose a mounting and a center stone, and check out with both in your cart. Please make sure that you have selected the setting and finishing option on the mounting We sell stones and mountings a la carte as well, so if you do not select this option, we will not know that you want the stone set in the mounting.

Do I have to stick to the center sizes listed on the mounting?

No, we will adjust the mounting to perfectly fit your stone!*

The listed center sizes on the mountings apply to mounting only orders.

*This applies to all of our original settings except our custom cut gemstone collection. These settings are not made to order since they require gemstones that are cut to fit, which is a time and labor intensive process. For this reason, our custom cut settings can only be paired with center stones that fit their existing recommended measurements.

Can I choose a different center shape than the fit listed on the mounting?

Not at this time. Please email us if you would like a different center shape.

Some designs will not work well for different center shapes or require a more extensive modification to the setting. These modifications are not covered by our standard setting and finishing fee and require consultation from our sales team. Please feel free to reach out via email, and we'll work with you to create the piece you're looking for!

I can't find a stone that fits my requirements. Can you source one?

Depending on your requirements, we can likely find the stone that's right for you! Just reach out to us at

How long will it take to create my ring?

Build a ring orders require 7-12 business days* for 14k and 3 days additional if you have upgraded to platinum.

I already have a stone, can you set it for me?

Yes, we can set your stone for you, but we do not take these orders through our website. Please reach out to, and our sales team will help you place your order.

Ring Sizing

Why are different ring sizes different prices?

These are the non-refundable resizing service fees which cover the material and labor costs to change the finger size of a ring. We will always match the material of the ring in a resize for a seamless look.

Can every ring be resized?

Most of the rings we carry can be resized, however not every ring can be resized.  This can be especially true for full eternity styles, some rings with engraved details, or original vintage rings where a resize may compromise the integrity and/or functionality of the design.

What should I do if I don't know what size to order?

If you are buying for yourself, we highly recommend measuring your finger size before ordering. If it's a one of a kind ring that you are worried will sell out, you can always order first, and leave us a note to hold shipping until you have confirmed your finger size.. Once you have confirmed your finger size, we will send you an invoice for the resizing fee, if applicable.

If you are shopping for engagement rings, giving a ring as a gift, or simply not sure which finger you’d like to wear the new ring - it is best to keep the ring at the base size listed. Changing the finger size of a ring is a change to the circumference of the circle and puts stress on the metal as well as any stones that are mounted in the ring. This is definitely a case of “measure twice; cut once”!  A ring can always be sent to us for resizing service from its base once the finger size has been confirmed to ensure the quality and long-term durability of the ring.

How long does resizing take?

On average resizing will add an additional 5 business days of handling time.

When resizing original vintage rings, ample time is necessary for the labor intensive attention to detail and highly-skilled care required in working with older materials. Vintage and antique jewelry has often been altered, repaired or resized in a prior season of its lifetime. We have seen all sorts of “creative solutions” that need to be undone! Most often we are encountering a different metal used in a prior repair to a small part of a piece of jewelry. Different types of metal behave in different ways at a variety of temperatures. While it may have been less expensive for a jeweler of the past to use gold solder in repair work of a platinum ring, it can become a great mess in what otherwise seemed like a straightforward resize service.


What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a description and valuation of a piece of jewelry, determined by a jewelry professional. For a newly crafted piece of jewelry, the dollar amount is determined by the current retail market value of the materials and labor required to recreate the item.  An original vintage piece of jewelry is also valued by these metrics, in addition to the rarity and condition of the item.

Why would I need an appraisal when I have a receipt of purchase?

An appraisal provides not only a dollar figure based on current retail market values, but also a detailed description of the types and quality of the materials used to make the piece of jewelry.  In order to insure a piece of jewelry, an insurance company will need an appraisal of the item - a receipt does not include all the necessary information.

What types of appraisals do you offer?

We offer two kinds of appraisals: an In-House Ivy & Rose appraisal and a Third Party Appraisal by a GIA Graduate Gemologist.   Both types of appraisal will provide an insurance company the information it needs to craft a policy for your newly acquired piece of jewelry.

What is the difference between the appraisals you offer?

The In-House Ivy & Rose Appraisal costs $19 and can be conducted concurrently during the handling time when you purchase the appraisal at the same time as the jewelry.  Since we produce much of the jewelry we sell, we know exactly the quality and quantity of the materials that go into a piece of jewelry because we have put them there!  

Bottom line If time is of the essence - especially during high-volume gift-giving times of year - this appraisal provides the accuracy and speed you need!

The Third-Party Appraisal by a GIA Graduate Gemologist costs $75 and is conducted by a jewelry professional who is not affiliated with Ivy & Rose.  The jewelry professional holds a Graduate of Gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and as the final step in the Ivy & Rose handling process, they will appraise the piece of jewelry. Depending on their schedule, this appraisal can add 1-2 weeks to the handling time of a jewelry purchase. Since they are not an employee of Ivy & Rose and are not involved with the production process, the appraisal assessment takes a longer time for a third-party appraiser to conduct.

Bottom line If the qualified opinion by a third-party jewelry professional is important for you and you can afford the time for this detailed, educated work - this is the appraisal for you!

Is a GIA Graduate Gemologist appraisal the same as a GIA certificate?


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)  is the world’s foremost authority of diamonds, colored stones and pearls.  GIA established the practices of gem identification, the 4Cs of diamond grading which have become universal standards and patented both the professional jewelers loupe and gemological microscope! In their mission to advance knowledge of gemology, they have developed several programs to educate jewelry professionals in these standards as well as offering laboratory services to certify a wide range of minerals so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.

A GIA certificate is a laboratory report of a mineral.  The analysis will provide identifying characteristics as well as disclose any treatments to the material.  These laboratory reports are usually conducted on loose stones since more accurate information will be possible when a stone is not mounted in a piece of jewelry.  A GIA certificate does not include a dollar value of the stone and will not be sufficient on its own to obtain an insurance policy, however it is very helpful to include and identify any gemological lab reports in an appraisal.

A GIA Graduate Gemologist is a jewelry professional who has gone through the extensive training provided by GIA and received a Graduate of Gemology diploma from this degree-granting institution. When a GIA Graduate Gemologist conducts an appraisal on a piece of jewelry, they are applying their education from GIA in their evaluation of the materials and then utilizing their experience as a jewelry professional in determining the current retail market value. 

I don’t need a hard copy of the appraisal - can I get a digital version only?

Absolutely!  Just let us know when you place the order!  We will send a PDF of the appraisal to you by email when the physical jewelry piece is on its way to you!

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