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This stunning and rare 3.79ctw antique matched pair of old mine cut diamonds is full of old world charm and eye-clean with lively brilliance! Old mine cuts are hard to find in a matched pair and would make an amazing piece of jewelry! Cut by hand a well over a century in the past, these rare diamonds are completely unique, guaranteed to be 100% conflict free, and full of old world charm. Elegant, unique, and meaningfully historied, this pair is a perfect choice for a stunning pair of studs.

These very rare diamonds are quite clean with VS1-SI1 for clarity. The few inclusions are tiny, much too small to see with the naked eye. Graded O-P for color, the diamonds glow with a hint of warmth and face up quite beautifully. Part of its antique charm, the subtle color is typical of diamonds mined in the 1800s due to the locations of the early mines in the Cape region back when London and Antwerp were the center of the diamond trading world. As old mine cut diamonds, they have wide hand cut facets which return exceptional sparkle and captivating flashes of colorful fire (rainbow refractions). These gorgeous diamonds are very rare, full of history, absolutely one of a kind, and stunningly beautiful! You will certainly enjoy the brilliance and charm of these antique beauties.

The diamonds are being sold loose, but they can be mounted upon request. These antique diamonds would make a pair of studs that is not only strikingly beautiful but also full of depth and history.

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