Thoughtfully Designed and Crafted

On the historic
Jeweler's Row

in downtown Chicago

Made locally. Designed to last.

At Ivy & Rose we design all our jewelry in house and craft it right here in our Chicago shop. When you buy from us, you know you are investing in a piece that is unique and thoughtfully crafted.

Our Beginning

Drawing from Generations of Experience

Ilya Kunin, the founder of Ivy & Rose, is the third generation of his family to work in the jewelry trade. It all began with his grandfather, Markus Kunin. Starting with an apprenticeship under a Faberge master engraver, Markus dedicated his career to the rare artform of hand engraving. The miniscule details and exacting precision of hand engraving makes this work a true labor of love and can transform a jewelry piece into a romantic piece of wearable art. In founding Ivy & Rose, Ilya took his grandfather's craft to heart. While Ivy & Rose has branched out into new jewelry styles and techniques, every piece is still made with the same care and thoughtful craftsmanship.

Thoughtfully Curated. Always Unique.

From rare vintage finds to classic solitaires, we want each of our pieces to surprise and delight but also stand the test of time. We strive to create pieces so evergreen they can be treasured for generations to come.

Meet our Designer:

"When I’m designing jewelry I never know where inspiration might pop up. The way a color palette blends in a vintage photo or where the lines in a skyscraper meet. I'm absorbing details, shapes and textures wherever I can find them. There is truly something beautiful to be found all around us."

- Amanda Marsh

Vintage craft and artistry made accessible for a new generation

Driven by a love for the intricate craftsmanship and romantic artistry present in vintage metalwork, Ivy & Rose sought out modern technologies and hired a team of in house experts to recreate this fine detail work. Today, we can offer the same fine detail, craftsmanship, and originality at accessible pricing.