Lab Grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as Earth-mined diamonds. Both are durable and beautiful, with the same sparkling light performance. They only differ in the formation process!

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This incredible 3.27ctw matched pair of certified lab grown round brilliant cut diamonds are bright white with exquisite clarity, and have dazzling sparkle and brilliance.

Both of these lab grown diamonds are certified by IGI, one of the strictest grading labs in the world. Under IGI’s rigorous standards, the diamond pair is graded VS1 for clarity. The diamonds are impeccably clean, even under 10x magnification. Graded E for color, they are bright white and colorless. The sparkle is dazzlingly bright and lively with stunning and vividly colorful flashes of fire! With their beautiful white color, completely clean appearance, and great sparkle, these diamonds would make a perfect pair for a glittering moi et toi ring or exceptional pair of earrings!

This diamond pair is being sold loose, but they can be mounted upon request into any style of mountings in any metal. Bright and lively, these beauties would make a striking pair of classic studs, a staple in anyone’s wardrobe!

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