Lab Grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as Earth-mined diamonds. Both are durable and beautiful, with the same sparkling light performance. They only differ in the formation process!

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Dazzling with bright sparkle and classic in design, this striking diamond pendant features a ½ carat lab grown diamond surrounded by a glittering lab grown diamond halo. The lively sparkle of the center diamond is amplified by the excellently cut diamonds in the cushion shaped halo. The effect is an air of modern glamour and elegance! This pendant is the best of both worlds: elegant enough for special occasions but simple enough for everyday wear. You will absolutely fall in love with its brilliant sparkle and timeless aesthetic.

The ½ carat lab grown diamond is bright white and colorless, graded E-F for color. The diamond is exceptionally clean, graded VS1 for clarity. Even under 10x magnification, there are no visible inclusions. The accent diamonds are bright white and exceptionally clean. The diamonds are all lab grown, offering all the beauty and durability of earth mined diamonds at an excellent value. The setting is pictured in 14k white gold, and it can be made in yellow or rose gold as well. The pendant measures 7.7mm square. This listing is for the pendant only; a chain can be added upon request in any popular style and any length.

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