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Featured here is an absolutely immaculate vintage inspired signet ring that is hand engraved with a contemporary take on Florentine engraving!

Originating from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign”, signet rings originated amongst the ruling classes and were historically marked with a unique family crest. These rings were used to mark and seal documents by pressing the face into hot wax. Signet rings were not only used as official signatures, but were so personal and specific to the individual that they could be considered fingerprints and would remain in a family for generations. This vintage inspired signet ring is finished with a smooth, polished oval shape face which can be customized with a letter or pattern upon request!

This bold signet ring has been finished by hand with engraving down the shank inspired by the rich history of Florentine engraving, a technique known for its exquisite decorative crosshatched pattern. Florence, Italy was the artistic cradle of the Renaissance era, known for a devotion to high quality and masterful craftsmanship. It must be seen in person to fully appreciate the fine details as hand engraving is superior to machine engraving since it leaves the surfaces all bright, shiny and properly etched.

The ring is made from solid 14 karat yellow gold and it weighs a substantial 8.3 grams. The ring measures 12.0mm across (north-south) and 3.2mm from the finger to the top of the band. The hand engraved modern Florentine pattern goes all the way down the shank with a small sizing bar which is meant to be worn at the back of the hand.

This signet ring has been designed and crafted by us and it can only be found here! Please contact us if you are interested in having this signet ring personalized with your own pattern or monogram! The last photo is for inspiration only. This vintage inspired signet ring is not only bold and stylish, but it is sure to carry within it a lifetime of history and makes a wonderful gift to honor yourself or a loved one!

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