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This incredibly detailed diamond ring features a phenomenally brilliant 1.68ct old European cut diamond center complemented by a richly detailed platinum ring encrusted in diamonds and french cut sapphires.

Fiery, beautifully white, and 100% eye clean, the center diamond was cut by hand a lifetime in the past during the 1920s to 1930s. Although the ring has been recently crafted by hand by master artisans, the diamond is a true antique. This ring is the best of both worlds as the diamond is truly old and full of history and the ring is crafted with all the care and detail of a true Art Deco piece, but it also has exceptional durability for everyday wear and none of the damage accrued by a truly old piece. The platinum setting is utterly elegant with chic cut-outs and an intricate filigree undergallery. Studded with glittering diamonds and punctuated by lines of rare French cut natural sapphires, the design has a romantic and timelessly chic look! With its iconic Art Deco style design and dazzling vintage diamond, this ring is not only stunningly beautiful, it also provides a meaningful and romantic connection to a past epoch.

The 1.68ct center diamond faces up beautifully white, graded J-K for color. The bright sparkle perfectly masks any warmth on the face up! Graded VS1 for clarity, the diamond is exceptionally clean. Even under 10x magnification, there are no visible inclusions. The fire in this diamond is truly spectacular, and the bold sparkle is really the key which makes this diamond stand out! As an old European cut, the diamond has an air of old world charm, and its wide, old style facets display bold sparkle as well as vivid fire. Overall, it is a magnificent diamond, with very bright and lively sparkle. The accent diamonds are bright white and eye clean, graded G-H for color and VS2-SI2 for clarity. It is difficult to find any inclusions in the accent diamonds even under 10x magnification. The side diamonds are full old European cuts. This is a special touch as it is quite rare to find fully faceted old European cuts in this size (most vintage rings use single cuts for the side diamonds)! The sapphires are a rich and well saturated blue hue. They are cut and set with exceptional craftsmanship. Each sapphire is individually cut to fit in the setting with zero gaps. The sapphires are French cut, which is quite rare to see today as they take an incredible amount of labor to cut. The benefit is that French cuts reflect more light and therefore appear very lively as the light bounces off the extra facets. The diamonds and sapphires are all natural, earth-mined stones. The setting is crafted by hand in solid platinum with hand perfected milgrain details and an intricate filigree undergallery. The ring measures 13.8mm across (north south) and 9mm from finger to top.

Excellent in quality and crafted with a timelessly elegant and intricately detailed design, this striking beauty is an excellent choice for an enduring and meaningfully historied engagement or right hand ring. Once it has sold we will not be able to replace it.

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