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    Please note: Not all engraving phrases will fit to any particular ring. Depending on the design and exact amount of characters, if your phrase will not fit the ring you selected, a customer service representative will reach out to you via email within 1 business day.

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Glittering with 2 carats of natural diamonds and featuring a large 4 carat Welo opal, this stunning ring is the statement piece that will take your wardrobe to the next level! This eye catching cocktail ring features a fiery pear cabochon opal set at the center of a glittering, diamond encrusted dome. The opal is luminous and eye catching with vividly colorful fire, and it stands out beautifully against the bright sparkle of the diamonds and the black rhodium finish. The ring has a large look, measuring an impressive 22mm across, the domed setting gives it an air of elegance and old Hollywood glamour. This opal and diamond cocktail ring is truly a show-stopper, and it is offered at a remarkable value! The diamonds and opal are all natural and earth mined. The opal is bright and fiery, showing vivid flashes of red, yellow, orange, and green. The diamonds total 2 carat, but the design creates a sea of sparkle, and they have an even larger impact! The diamonds are graded SI2-I1 for clarity. The inclusions blend into the sea of sparkle, and the diamonds have nice, lively brilliance. Together they all look very nice! Graded J-K for color they provide a gorgeous complement to opal and stand out brightly against the black rhodium finish. Overall, the ring has a truly head-turning look! The ring is 925 sterling silver finished with black rhodium on the top of the setting and the outside of the shank. The black rhodium finish creates a stunning contrast with the bright sparkle of the diamonds. The inside of the shank and the undergallery is finished with 24k yellow gold for a luxurious pop of color. The ring is completely made by hand from metal forming to stone setting. This is a charming, handmade artisan ring featuring great sparkle from the diamonds and opal. The ring measures 22mm across north south and 8mm from finger to top. This unique and striking diamond and opal cocktail ring has a beautiful and classically glamorous look and will show off your sense of style!
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