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This eye catching natural diamond and chrome diopside cocktail ring offers eye catching sparkle, beautiful color, and a whimsical leaf design. The elegant leaf shaped bypass design is encrusted with vivid green chrome diopside, perfectly set off by a bright border of diamonds. This diopside and diamond cocktail ring has an absolutely unique look, and it is offered at a remarkable value!

The chrome diopside and diamonds are all natural earth mined. The diopsides are a vibrant and well saturated green hue. They look similar to emeralds but at a very significant value! The diamonds are graded SI1-I1 for clarity. The inclusions are too small to pick out with the naked eye, and the diamonds have nice, bright sparkle. Graded K-M for color they provide a gorgeous complement to the bright green on the chrome diopside. They stand out brightly in contrast to the black rhodium and 24k gold finish, and it is difficult to notice their very subtle warmth. The settings are 925 sterling silver finished with black rhodium on the top of the setting. The shank and the undergallery is finished with 24k yellow gold for a luxurious pop of color. The ring is completely made by hand from metal forming to stone setting and is quite labor intensive. The ring measures an impressive 20.1mm across (north south) and 3.1mm from finger to top.

This striking chrome diopside and diamond ring can’t help but stand out from the crowd! Make a statement and show off your unique sense of style!

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